• Lead Pastor

    Emmanuel Moon

    Emmanuel is the lead pastor along with his wife Alexandra Moon. His passion is to empower lives and develop fruitful disciples that reflect the heart of Christ. Born and raised in Bolivia. 

  • Associate Pastor

    Alexandra Moon

    Alexandra  has a big heart for the community. As a servant of Christ that has traveled to various countries in the world, she is passionate in leading a missional church that begins with our surrounding community and extends to the ends of the earth.

  • Associate Pastor

    Michelle Williams-Quezada

    Michelle, with a heart to build community, serves to support our pastoral ministry, pastoral care and teaching. She is also an Associate Principal at Grace Christian School. 

  • Recovery & Pastoral Care

    Bob Bowlsby

    Bob oversees our Recovery Ministries. His heart is to see men and women experience deliverance from their addictions – alcohol, drug, chocolate, you name it. He has a passion for bringing people to Jesus and getting them connected to the body of Christ. He and his wife, Carol, are a bright light at The Foundry.

  • Finance & Administration

    Mary Nielsen

    Mary keeps The Foundry fiscally and legally responsible by making sure all our bills get paid on time so that ministry can take place at The Foundry with the lights on. She is also transforming our community through her leadership in our food pantry ministry. 

  • Worship Leader

    Isaac Endermann

    Isaac fills our ears with music and leads our hearts to praise the King of Kings as he directs our time of worship. Worship is a lifestyle. 

  • Director of Outreach Ministry

    Rob Marengeau

    Rob leads with compassion and passion to bring all people closer to Christ. His heart to transform our community through various partnerships helps us see our strength in unity. 

  • Board of Directors, Secretary

    Steve Nielsen

    Steve's giftedness is in administration and serves The Foundry in coordinating the yearly budget and keeping our policies current. Steve's background is in Civil Engineering, working for the same company for over 25 years.