Reflecting Jesus ~ Embracing all people ~ Making disciples

Life Groups

LiFe Groups are designed to give you a solid support structure against life's traumas and dramas. Life Groups are all about minimizing the craziness of life and maximizing the support of the body of Christ. Furthermore it is a commitment to grow in holiness as disciples of Christ Jesus. 

Our Life Groups run three months at a time. In April, August, and December we take small breaks. We find this is a great opportunity to take some of your Life Group friendships to the next level. 

Contact us for more info:

Phone: 442.777.2081

Kingdom Kids

Our children from 3-9 years old meet every Sunday from 9:00AM-10:00AM where they learn from God's word about true discipleship. At 10:30AM they are welcome to join our main service and continue to worship our God as one body. 

Following Jesus has no age restriction and we believe that children can follow and serve Christ and the body of Christ. We strive to inspire and equip children with teachings, songs, and activities centered in the Gospel. Through this ministry and in partnership with their families, we hope to build a strong and enduring biblical foundation that will help them navigate through life. 

Living Way

(Jr. High Ministry)

Our students (Ages 10-13) are a valuable part of the body of Christ here at The Foundry. They are not the church of tomorrow ... they are the church right now. Finding a meaningful place with a sense of purpose and belonging brings an intense satisfaction as they find their identity in God.  Students have regular opportunities to serve in the areas of worship, outreach, service, and hospitality. 

We gather on Thursday nights @ 6:00PM for dinner, study, fellowship and games. Studies range in topic, but are always deeply rooted in Scripture. 

Recovery Groups

We believe that everyone should be in recovery. The scriptures declare, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Our sin has damaged the image of God we were created to reflect. Recovery at The Foundry is more about what we are recovering to than what we are recovering from. What we are recovering to is the image of God.

We recognize that there are lots of ways in which we fill our lives with harm and that at some point everyone needs help overcoming that harm. We have Recovery Groups that meet on a regular basis and then we have some groups that we rotate in and out through the year.

Our regular Recovery Groups include: Alcoholics Anonymous for Men and Women Alcoholics for Christ for Men and Women Anger Recovery for Men and Women

Some of our other groups include: PRISM Weight Loss (Food Recovery for Men and Women) Anxiety Recovery for Men and Women Adult Children of Alcoholics Financial Recovery for Men and Women Sexuality Recovery for Men and Women

We hope you will join us in recovering from sin and recovering to the image of God!