We believe that everyone should be in recovery. The scriptures declare, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Our sin has damaged the image of God we were created to reflect. Recovery at The Foundry is more about what we are recovering to than what we are recovering from. What we are recovering to is the image of God.

We recognize that there are lots of ways in which we fill our lives with harm and that at some point everyone needs help overcoming that harm. We have Recovery Groups that meet on a regular basis and then we have some groups that we rotate in and out throughout the year.

Please contact Pastor Bob Bowlsby for more information:

Scheduled Meetings

  • MONDAY (6PM)  "Adult Children of Alcoholics"
  • WEDNESDAY  (7PM)  "Recovery Celebration"
  • THURSDAY (7PM)  "Prime Object"
  • SATURDAY (10:30AM)  "Relapse Prevention"